On my way to Quebec City…


On the patio at the trattoria. mercatta.ca in the Eaton’s Centre. This wine is one of my top all time favourites. First time I had it was roughly two years ago when I dropped in during a rain storm to kill some time. Can’t get this in the LCBO sadly. The wine stood up to my memory of it. Arnaldo Caprai Montefalco Rosso 2010, grape variety: 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino & 15% Merlot is a regional blend of three red wine varieties in Umbria, central Italy. The finest expression of the blend, the Montefalco DOC, requires that the wine is comprised of at least 70 percent Sangiovese. Other country-wine blends do exist outside this stipulation, but the general trend is that the wines are dominated by Sangiovese.

Sagrantino is the other key player in the blend, adding an intense dark color and earthen spiciness to the wine’s aroma profile. Sagrantino is a tannic variety and responds well to barrel maturation, which allows the mouthfeel to mellow and for the flavors to balance. Black cherries and blackberries are common flavors associated with Sagrantino and higher proportions of the grape result in a darker, more brooding wine. Merlot rounding out the tannic edges of the Sangiovese and Sagrantino.

IMG_8581 IMG_8613 A Naoussa Merlot. Notes closer to Rioja rather than Merlot. Smoky, herbal nose, tobacco with a bit of tomato stalk. Very pale, brick red colour. A  delicate style, elegant and refined structure. IMG_8617 IMG_8601 Roasted Red Beets Pistachio + Caraway + Labneh + Barbari Bread IMG_8609 Guernsey Girl Cheese Watermelon + Mint + Upland water cress @ Bylbos      http://byblostoronto.com/ IMG_8624 IMG_8627 IMG_8628


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