Loire Valley wines and an evening with the rambunctious regulars

For tonight, I have 5 bottles of Loire Valley wine (four white and one red); that I have been collecting for some time now, as the Loire Valley wines are not readily available in Ontario.

The tasting notes we will expect to find range from racy, gun flint, smokey, chalky,herbal and  mineral notes to lemon drop, chalk, apple crumble, mushroom and lanolin to green pea, gooseberry and asparagus all the way to red berry and tobacco with a peppery finish and also floral, lemon and apple with white peach.

The Loire has historically been a region committed to making wines with pure expression of terrior and the grape varieties inherent flavour. Wine making is minimalist, and low tech.  The landscape has chalky limestone and flint hills with Kimmeridgian marl (marine mud). The climate is cool and the harvests are later, like Germany, which means wines very high in acidity.

I think you might be intrigued by stunning wines that set the world standard for their varietals,






Rachel -Goat’s milk, velvety and full flavoured -washed rind, Bagborough Farm, Sommerset UKIMG_7337

Meteorite; soft ripened blue veined ash covered cheeseIMG_7342

14 Arpents (left) Swiss brown cow milk soft, interior Fromager le Medard Quebec and La Liberte (right) cow’s milk rich creamy, bloomy rind- QuebecIMG_7387




Pouilly Fume – 100% Sauvignon Blanc

#323634    $26.95     4.9 G/L   12% alc

Sets the world standard for Sauvignon Blanc

Pale straw coloured, Racy, gunflint, herbal and smoky flavours. Green tart berry of the Gooseberry and cat pee (strident wild tang) Stone: flint stone, mineral notes

Floral notes: white flowers, exotic fruit: mango, passion fruit, green apple, melon



Sancerre –Sauvignon Blanc

#319657    $21.95   4G/L     12% alc

Pale straw colour, crisp and focussed with elegance and precision.

Although the difference between Sancerre and Pouilly Fume are apparently indistinguishable, this wine was a noticeable step up in flavour and wow factor.

Born of chalky limestone and flint hills; classic aromas: flint and smoke, light citrus notes with asparagus and gooseberry. Clean crisp finish.



Vouvray – Chenin Blanc “Pinot de la Loire”

#655076      $17.25              31 G/L    12 % alc

Range of styles: still, sparkling, sweet, dry

Honeyed aromas, and flavours of lemon drop, chalk, apple, lanolin and with hints of mushroom. Although five flavour notes are enough to qualify for a complex wine. This one had a bit of deadness to it. Especially compared to what I was anticipating.



Chinon – Cabernet Franc

#397208     $17.95        6G/L   12.5 % alc

Source of the best reds, blending grape, styles: reds, roses, and sparklings

Black fruit aromas: with red berry on the palate– raspberry and tobacco notes

Light pepper on the very short to almost non-existent finish



Muscadet de Sevre et Maine Sur Lie – Melon de Bourgogne grape varietal

#224246     #13.95    8 G/L    12.3% alc

Floral, white peach, lemon and apple, otherwise pretty nondescript flavours- neutral.

Paired with seafood stew and pan fried scallops which helped to enhance the flavours in the wine


The sixth bottle, we opened after the tasting and the food pairing; to enjoy with my friends and to help prevent them from leaving ; )   I enjoyed this wine with dinner a week ago and the flavours were alive and rich. This off dry wine expressed itself with more of a lush mouth feel rather than sweetness. Lemon drop and meringue pie with honey and chalk. Gorgeous! Generous notes of white blossoms, honeysuckle, peach, lemon citrus and mushrooms on the nose

#390708     $16.95       26 G/L    11% alc



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