White Cotes-Du-Rhone

I noticed this wine in the vintages magazine last fall and when I discovered there were none anywhere in my city, the pup and I went on a road trip. It is a blend made with Grenache blanc, bourboulenc and Clairette varietals, wines with these varietals are pretty scarce in my locale. I’ve heard and read about them but not yet tried them, despite my love for Rhones.

Certainly tempting and certainly road trip worthy. The pup and I love road trips for wine…

Chilled and served with Jaime Oliver’s scrumptious seafood pie for dinner.  Chilled a bit too much, maybe, since the second glass gave it up a lot more; some gorgeous floral notes and peach pie aromas. Big blossoms! Very much in love with my second glass.  On the palate some stonefruit (nectarines when chilled and peach when it opens up), citrus, apples and herbaceous.  Be on the watch for this blend!IMG_6920





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