Saturday night’s (all right for) tasting ….Sparklers!!◇◆☆★◇◆☆★

This tasting was designed to explore this style, mostly with old world and only one new world selection; differences of moderately priced sparklers ($13-$22), with a range of production methods, variable sugar G/L most within the Brut levels of 0-12, and a wide choice of varietals.

The mission: should we choose to follow (oh! how we did!) could we find beneath the lovely, giddy, effervescent bubbles the subtle nuances of flavour.



Table offerings grapes, baguette, briney olives, Bleu D’Auvergue cheese France, Manchego cheese, three types crackers, chips and strawberries with chevre.




Crement D’Alsace AC – Giersberger- Cave de Ribeaville France (Traditional method)

#183624           2 G/L Sugar                     $20          12% alc

Light straw colour. Apple, lemon zest, yellow plum and pear. Zesty and yeasty. Crisp, refreshing with toasty leesy quality and a good length with mineral-chalky tingle.

Varietals: Pinot d’Alsace:

Pinot Blanc – 80%, Pinot Auxerroir – 20%

Note: Pinot d’a

Note: Pinot d’Alsace – blend of Alsacian wines

Pinot blanc plus Pinot family: Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Pinot Auxerrois, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.





Crement de Bourgognon AC -Albert Bichot Brut, Beaune France (Traditional method)

#385211        2 G/L Sugar            $22           12% alc

Rose Brut : Pinot Noir, Chardonnay (and in roses: Gamay)

Blanc de Noir means white wine made with black grapes and therefore blanc de blanc =white wine with white grapes and usually Chardonnay

Crisp apple, cherry, raspberry and pear.Hints of strawberry- rhubarb, hay and spice. good length.





Spanish Cava – Freixenet Brut Negro (Traditional method)

#216945            9 G/L Sugar         $13           12 % alc

Pale straw colour. Apple, ripe pear, bright citrus fruit nose. Light yeasty with mineral notes – creamy smokey mouth-feel. Stone fruit: white peach and citrus flavours; grapefruit and ginger finish.

varietals: Parellada 40% (fruit and finesse); Macabeu 35% (assists with aging); Xarel-lo 25% (robustness and acidity)

Macabeu is also called Viura when used as a principal grape in Rioja.

First fermentation in tank for 10-12 days.Second fermentation in bottles in caves for 18 months.

Food pairings: Tapas, tuna, lobster, eggs benedict, oysters caviar, sushi and apps





Prosecco Brut – Santa Margherita – Veneto           Charmat (tank) method

#687582               12 G/L Sugar              $17.95                  11.5 % alc

Glera grapes ( formerly known as Prosecco due to proximity to the village of Prosecco) First appears in print in 1754

Medium pale straw colour, dry,  light to medium bodied.

Light floral blossoms on the nose, apples, lemons, pear and melon. soft ripe fruit flavours and crisp acidity with citrus finish.

Charmat method: First fermentation cuvee in stainless steel tanks for two weeks then autoclave for a few weeks. Aging potential 2-3 years at most.

Spumante- fully sparkling (not a frizzante=lightly sparkling)





Henkell Troken Sekt – Dry/Sec – Germany

#122689                   24 G/L Sugar            $15             11.5 % alc

Pale straw colour, lemon fruit with soft round mouthfeel. Sugar,acidity and alcohol are in balance

Varietals from technical notes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Blanc de Noir: Pinot Noir and Chenin from Saumar

(if rose then Pinot Noir and Gamay)





Cono Sur -Bio Bio Valley, Chile

100% Pinot Noir (sustainable and organic viticulture)

#365205        $14              12 G/L Sugar             12.5 %alc

Pale salmon pink colour. Carbonic maceration in open steel tank.

Raspberry, gooseberry and cherry, rhubarb and blueberries; minerality and creamy hints with bright acidity. On the palate as on the nose sweet red berry fruit with a clean finish.

Cono Sur is present in all premier wine regions in Chile. Bio Bio with the lowest temperatures during ripening season so a natural for Pinot Noir  and Chardonnay

Food pairings: seafood and fried fish, goat cheese, marinated oysters, panko fried fish in vanilla oil.


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