Kennebec Ice Cider


About Maine Apples

The rich dark soils, warm summers, and cool fall nights create apples full of color and flavor. It is no coincidence that farmers have been growing apples there for over 200 years.

Some of the first apple growers in Kennebec County were the two brothers from Hallowell, Charles and Benjamin Vaughn. In the late 1700s, they planted extensive orchards and built a large cider mill on their farm. They made hard cider with their apples and shipped it to ports from Boston to New Orleans.  The first orchard in the town of Winthrop is thought to have been planted by Ichabod Howe around the same time period. Howe laid out many of Winthrop’s roads, organized construction of the first church, and served as a town selectman. He brought apple seeds from Ipswich, Massachusetts when he settled the area and developed several new varieties of apples including the Winthrop Greening. Over the years, many other apple varieties have been developed in Winthrop including the Moses Wood, Winthrop Pearmain,Fairbanks, Stanley, and Winekist apples.


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