Sunday evening dinner invitation


Leslie’s big day in the kitchen 🙂
I asked for the menu, to know what wine to bring; the main course was baked turkish chicken… main flavours in the sauce are, ginger, garlic and smoked paprika (in a yogurt base).
There was arugulas salad and a kale salad, and rice; for dessert, cherry cobbler and pear crisp.
Complex flavours to pair, I choose to take two wines. First a Semillon with tasting notes of citrus, fig and cigar that I felt would pair nicely with the ginger/garlic/smoked paprika. And if the garlic and ginger were dominate then they might be quelled with a sweet honey wine which would go well with the deserts. And did!

2011 Semillon –  $17.95 | #177758 ?



#987263   $21.95    14.6 %alcohol  120G/L Sugar


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