Saturday evening Wine Club, round two, with whites you think you know



Beginning at the beginning we explore the differences between  a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc; Aldo Adige (Italian) Pinot Grigio; a different Californian Chardonnay; an Alsatian Gerwurtztraminer; and a Mosel Germany, Riesling, in this order.Three will be different from the first group’s. There is a good reason for starting with whites. Whites tend to be more aromatic and easier to isolate and identify aromas, and the wines I have chosen show good typicity in their tasting notes.

The constraints are: Premier regions with a price range between $15-$23, easily found at the LCBO and showing good typicity.

In the next tasting session I will be focusing on “Reds you think you know” and then “whites I bet you don’t know”  (and then reds you don’t know)




Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Marlborough, New Zealand

Aromatic and flavourful style

#293043    $17.55   6 G/L Sugar  13 %alc

Pale straw colour, gooseberry, herbs and hint of tropical fruit on the nose; dry and medium bodied with a crisp finish.

Pairs  with an earthy gruyere (Gruyere de Grott) would also pair with lemon and dill herbed fish, fish tacos, summer salads, and Caesar salads.



Santa Margherita DOC Valdadige – Pinot Grigio

Alto Adige, Trento Italy

Light and crisp style

#106450        $17.95    3 G/L Sugar   (XD)     12 % alc

Light and crisp style, very neutral: a crowd pleaser .  On the nose (lightly) white flowers, ripe tropical fruit, juicy yellow peach, tart green apple; creamy palate with fresh acidity

Paired nicely with the walnut pesto and you could also pair with seafood apps and pan-fried trout






Toasted Head Barrel Aged Chardonnay 2012

Acampo, California (Lodi)

#594341   $17.95   7 G/L Sugar   (D)    14 % alc

Rich and full bodied style

The whole barrel was toasted with fire and the Chardonnay was barrel fermented – gives more intense smokey flavours; apricot,peaches,  tropical fruit (pineapple) grilled pecan with smokey apple/cinnamon flavours. Well rounded finish with toasted coconut and butterscotch notes.

pairs with bbq shrimp kebabs, chicken quesadilas, pork tenderloin and Thanksgiving turkey dinner.




Gerwurtztraminer, Altenburg Andre Blanck AAC

Alsace, France – Clay-limestone – full sun on gentle slopes; Family estate (37 acres)  for 7 generations

#168906         $19.95       24 G/L Sugar        13.5%alc

Vibrant light yellow with green tints. Floral, fruity with spice notes on the nose, peach and lychee. Spice at the fore and smoke on the finish

Well paired with spicy food (Indian, Chinese, Moroccan)   game, rich fish (tuna, salmon) and sweet deserts, excellent with strong cheeses   try an ashed goat cheese  ” Ashley”

enjoy 2015-2021


Dom Bischofliche Weinguter 2011 –  Riesling Kabinett

Mosel, Germany

#378828    $18.95     43G/L sugar m/s   9 % alc

Lanoline and white flowers add freshness to this lavishly honeyed, fruity (apple, peach, citrus) Riesling; sweet stone fruit flavours are balanced with lime acidity – long finish.

Paired deliciously with the blue cheese ‘Cashel Blue’ from Ireland and the orange and fig compote.

This off-dry wine would be great with seafood or pork dishes, the sweetness can calm spicy Chinese or Thai dishes; sausages, ham and barbecue also. This wine is sweet enough to pair with dessert: peach or apple pie, fig or apricot compote.


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